Water Treatment and Testing

Water treatment is an essential part of boiler & pipe system maintenance. Commercial & industrial boilers are subject to intense conditions. Maintaining high water quality and chemical balance is crucial in ensuring smooth operation with your heating system. Monitoring your boiler’s water quality helps to:
  • Reduce risk of corrosion and scaling
  • Maintain high boiler efficiency and steam purity

Tubman Heating can help you with a water sampling and assessment service, which covers:
  • A water sample
  • Results of the water quality
  • Follow-up recommendationsĀ  for your boiler system
  • We supply chemicals to maintain your chemical balance

Looking for a supply of chemicals?

Call the nearest Tubman Heating branch now if you’d like to place an order for:
  • STA – 20L
  • STP – 20L
  • Core Shield – 18kg
  • GECORTROL – 15kg
  • Cortrol (Oxcav) 15kg pail
  • Cortrol (Deox) 15kg pail