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Heating System Installation

heating system installation
boiler system installation










The installation team at Tubman Heating is very experienced across a wide variety of boiler and burner combinations.  These range from small, wall-hung, hot water boilers for a school to complex large multiple installations for industry.  We are comfortable across the spectrum.

Our installation customers include many blue-chip New Zealand companies and brand leaders in most manufacturing and industrial sectors including food and beverage production.

We also install heating systems where people gather, such as schools, hospitals, rest homes, swimming pools, prisons, churches, libraries, shopping centres, hotels and convention centres.

We work with as many New Zealand manufacturers as we can, particularly for medium sized hot water boilers and steam boilers.


Relocating your existing boiler?

We can help you make the most of your existing assets. Contact us to find out more about boiler relocation services available.


Case studies:

An emergency replacement of an Auckland leisure centre’s boiler & heating system.

Adding new capacity to a meat processing plant in the most cost-effective way.

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