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New Zealand Steam Boiler Surveys

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Under the New Zealand Boiler Code, steam boilers must be serviced every quarter and undergo an annual survey to ensure safe operation. Tubman Heating is ready, willing, and able to assist! We perform these activites regularly - either on-demand or as part of an ongoing service agreement. We can help you to operate and maintain your steam boiler to ensure optimum efficiency, safe operation and to maximise the lifespan of your asset.

As pressure vessels, steam boilers are subject to the approved Code of Practice for design, safe operation, maintenance, and servicing. It’s more than just a matter of legal compliance - there’s a real danger to life and limb if a boiler or burner malfunctions. 

An independent inspection by Tubman Heating includes:

  • Checking emissions & safety devices
  • Inspection of tube-plating for cracks
  • Re-certification of pressure gauges
  • Servicing of burners
  • Bringing the boiler up to operating pressure
  • Configuring air/fuel ratio 
  • Cleaning fire-side of boiler (if required)
  • Testing, replacement, or refurbishment of safety valves / alarms / sight glasses
  • Reviewing water-test history, water-side conditions, and maintenance records


Safety training

Every employee working with your steam boiler needs specialised training to ensure site safety. We can provide full OSH training that’s tailored to the needs of your business and workforce.

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