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Boilers and Burner Upgrades

burner upgrades
heating system upgrades


Tubman Heating offers a number of cost-effective boiler upgrade options. An audit can identify opportunities to switch fuel types, or install more efficient technology without completely replacing your system.

Older heating systems are not always reliable or efficient and sometimes they're downright dangerous! This is often the result of an outdated or poorly configured boiler system that wastes huge amounts of energy. Upgrading a sub-par boiler or burner could be one of the smartest investments you make.

Many organisations find they can minimise process disruptions by switching to dual-fuel burners. These give you the flexibility to run either diesel or gas and take advantage of the most attractively priced options. While shortages of either fuel are rare, best practice risk management for critical installations include dual-fuel systems.

Benefits of an upgrade:

  • More heat delivered at a reduced cost
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced fuel & energy bills
  • Increased system reliability
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced breakdown incidence
  • Minimal disruption to your operations


Case study

Otahuhu Primary School - how we upgraded a heating system that's saving the school $2,700 in fuel each month

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