How often should my boiler system be serviced?

Boilers & burners operate efficiently and safely when they’re properly looked after. Tubman Heating are experts at maintaining equipment to the highest standards, keeping your system running reliably and efficiently. Servicing requirements will be dependent on your type of boiler and how often it’s used.

Tubman Heating can set up a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, or annual service schedule for you. This will provide you with timely, professional feedback

about the state of your heating system.

In New Zealand, a quarterly review is recommended for the following customer groups:

  • Industrial boilers: Factories
  • Commercial boilers: Hotels, apartments, offices
  • Boilers for healthcare: Hospitals, medical clinics
  • Correctional facilities: prisons
  • Recreational & public facilities: Swimming pools, libraries, campsites

six-monthly review is recommended for the following customer groups:

  • Rest homes
  • Educational institutions / schools

On-going service schedule

Conducting regular servicing can help extend the life of your heating system. Through consistent servicing, Tubman Heating will:

  • Ensure your boiler/burner is working properly and at maximum efficiency
  • Identify any potential issues before they arise and cause major disruption to your operations
  • Analyse exhaust gases to monitor combustion performance
  • Minimise your operating costs

If you’re interested in setting up an ongoing service schedule with Tubman Heating, feel free to call us and arrange a date and time for one of our team to visit your site.