Our Services

Tubman Heating can specify, install, upgrade, service and repair any type of boiler or burner system. We specialise in helping organisations select the right heating system for their site, and then ensuring it operates as it’s designed to. It’s a promise we live up to every day.
We provide services to customers across a broad range of activities including: industry, commerce, healthcare, hospitality, corrections, recreational and accommodation sectors.

Boiler Servicing & Maintenance

Boilers operate efficiently and safely when they're properly looked after. Our technicians are experts at maintaining equipment to the highest standards, keeping your systems running reliably and efficiently.


Boiler & Burner Repairs

Got an issue with your boiler or burner? Our expert team have over 30 years' experiencing fixing industrial heating systems.


Breakdowns & Emergency Call Outs

Many of the calls we respond to are for leaking pipes and fittings or boilers that just stop! We can perform a wide range of repairs on site.


Boiler & Burner System Design & Installations

The Tubman Heating team has been specifying, installing and maintaining heating systems for decades. We are 100% focused on boiler and burner systems.

Asset Management

We provide a proactive maintenance plan and component life expectancy report for your heating assets which allows you to reduce reactive costs.


Boiler & Burner Commissioning

We provide commissioning services and submit certification on our customers' behalf to ensure all equipment is suitable, safe and meets New Zealand Standards.


Water Testing & Treatment

Our team gathers samples of water in your heating systems to ensure that your systems are running efficiently. This in turn helps you to maximise the life of your assets.


Boiler & Burner Training

If you don't know your system as well as you'd like, or if the designated person that knew your system has left your employ, we can help train your staff on your system and provide you with peace of mind.


Steam Boiler Surveys

As pressure vessels, steam boilers are subject to the approved Code of Practice for design, safe operation, maintenance, and servicing. As such they require annual surveying. We can help! It’s more than just a matter of legal compliance - there’s a real danger to life and limb if a boiler or burner malfunctions.

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Spare Parts for Sale

Looking for a particular part to repair your heating system. We stock a wide variety of spare parts in our warehouses in Wellington and Auckland. Just call us on (09) 444 5076 and we will help you source the right bits and pieces.