Wood Pellet Boilers

At Tubman Heating we are actively researching and sourcing sustainable and environmentally friendly options to help our clients manage their climate change response. A viable alternative to conventional and electric boilers, wood pellet burners use compressed wood pellets as the fuel source. The wood pellets in New Zealand are all made of sawdust and wood shavings, manufactured locally in Kerikeri, Taupo, Nelson and Invercargill.

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ÖkoFEN Pellet Boilers

As the preferred installers of the ÖkoFEN pellet boilers we can supply, install and service the pellet boiler, controls and rest of the heating system. ÖkoFEN pellet boilers come in 64kW modules and can be cascaded up to 512kW – or more if required for the heat load. They are perfectly designed for retrofit applications where space and access is tight, with a 64kW boiler fitting through a standard 0.8m doorway. The boilers are fully automatic in all their operation, including refuelling, meaning very low maintenance and operation costs. Our design team can tailor a suitable solution for your organisation.

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Product Name


ÖkoFEN pellematic maxi boiler

Pellematic Maxi

  • Individual boiler heat output up to 64kW
  • Cascades of up to 224kW
  • Modulation range 224kW to 19kW (9%)
  • Fits through every standard doorway (0.8m)
  • Adaptable for all heat distribution systems (underfloor heating or radiators)
  • Clean combustion and fully automatic operation
  • Used by Ministry of Education for School Boiler Replacement Programme
ÖkoFEN pellematic maxi twin boiler

Pellematic Maxi Twin

  • Twin Maxi boilers with combined output of 128kW
  • Can be installed in a cascade for up to 512kW output
  • Fits through every standard doorway
  • Very high level of modulation 512kW to 38kW
  • Used by Ministry of Education for School Boiler Replacement Programme
ÖkoFEN pellematic condens boiler

Pellematic Maxi Condens

  • Condensing technology provides 102.7% efficiency
  • Flue gas condensing heat exchanger
  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Reduces particulate emissions and fuel consumption
  • Additional option for all Pellematic boilers
ÖkoFEN pelletronic touch

Pelletronic Touch

  • Easy operation with symbols and text
  • Weather forecast and current temperature readings compensate heating power to the weather conditions
  • myPelletronic App allows for monitoring and control remotely on phone and PC
ÖkoFEN flexilo fabric tank

Flexilo Fabric Tank

  • Available in 35 sizes from 450kg to 12 tonnes
  • Simplifies pellet fuel delivery using blower trucks
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Dust-tight, permeable to air and permanently anti-static
  • 60% more capacity than a conventional storage tank
  • Tank can empty almost completely with spring loaded sides
ÖkoFEN pellet storage room

Pellet Storage Room

  • A range of solutions for adapting rooms for pellet storage
  • Every last pellet delivered to the boiler
  • Vacuum pellet delivery system to boilers
unical boilers

Unical Pellet Boilers

Unical, the Italian well-advanced manufacturer in the heating sector, offer a wide range of boiler options including pellet boilers.

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Product Name


unical pellexia 27_40kW boiler

Pellexia 27-40 kW

  • How water carbon steel heating unit with combustion chamber partially lined with refractory
  • Certified efficiency above 90.3%
  • Equipped with a modulating blown pellet burner
  • Pellet fuel tank capacity of 150 Kg
  • Autonomy over 23 hours at rated output in continuous operation without burner shutdown
unical pellexia 35_45_80 boilers

Pellexia 34-45-80 kW

  • Hot water, carbon steel boiler
  • Equipped with a special pellet burner
  • Automatic pellet tank with capacity of 230Kg(mod. 34-45) and 320Kg (mod. 80)
  • Efficiency higher than 90.2%
  • Autonomy: more than 133 hours at minimum power
unical pellexia 116_160_250kw

Pellexia 116-160-250 kW

  • Pellet storing capacity 120Kg
  • Complete with modulating burner, safety rotary valve and pneumatic cleaning system
  • Maximum operation temperature 85⁰C
  • Automatic pellet feeding