Valves and Actuators

Tubman Heating has a range of valve and actutator products on hand, including:

  • Radiator valves, thermostats and accessories
  • Electrothermal and electromotive Aktor actuators
  • Hydrocontrol balancing valves and accessories including pressure test points, measuring needles, measuring systems
  • Differential pressure relief valves
  • Cocon QTZ / QTR / QFC pressure-independent control valves, with test points
  • Aquastrom VT / C thermostat valves

Oventrop Acuators

Oventrop Balancing Valves and Accessories

Oventrop Pressure Independent Control Valve

Oventrop Thermostatic Valves



Tubman Heating can source Dungs products for your heating system. Contact your local branch if you’d like more information.