Steam Boilers

Steam boilers are pressure vessels that convert water to hot steam through a combustion reaction between fuel and air which ignites a flame into tubes submerged into water.  The heat contained in the steam is piped throughout your building for the heating purpose you require.

There are two main steam boiler configurations:

  • Closed systems: no water is lost from the system and all steam is recycled back into your boiler through a condensate return line
  • Open system: some steam is able to escape the system, and new water fed back into the system

Steam boilers are excellent cost-effective solutions to providing heat. Tubman Heating can help you select and then source a steam boiler to suit your exact needs.  Look below at the various options the company can source and supply.

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Unical steam boilers

We have a wide range of Unical steam boilers is available to supply. Models include the Unical Bahr 12, rated 2000 – 4000lb per hour.

Call your local Tubman Heating branch for more information, or click here to download a Unical product catalogue (PDF).

Simons steam boilers

We have a range of Simons boilers from Australia. The Simons SB range offers 400 – 2000lb per hour.

For more information, click here to download the Simons SB product catalogue (PDF).

The Simons VS range offers output ranging 2.7kW – 480kW.

Click here to download the Simons VS product catalogue (PDF).


Custom-made steam boilers

Steam boilers can usually be sourced in New Zealand, but where your demands cannot be met by a local manufacturer, Tubman Heating has connections with offshore companies that can meet your specific brief.

Tubman Heating can also source custom made steam boilers. Delivery of bespoke boilers can take six months or more, so please allow plenty of time in your planning process. Please call us to discuss options.