C.I.B Unigas Burners

C.I.B Unigas has a 40 year history of ideas and innovation.  The burners are mainly used for hot water and steam boilers, but are also a popular option for driers, furnaces, ovens and other industrial processes. The main fuel categories Tubman Heating supply are Natural Gas, Light Oil and Dual Fuel burners but LPG and HFO burners can be sourced to suit your organization’s needs too.

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Gas Burners

Product Name


cib unigas gas burner

NG 280
NG 350
NG 400
NG 550

95 – 300 kW
115 – 330 kW
185 – 420 kW
245 – 570 kW

• 230V 1N AC
• Low NOx Class 2
• Suitable to work on boilers with high back pressure
• Modern and functional burners for small and medium appliances
• Linear and proportional system of supply between gas flow rate and angle of the butterfly valve ensures a smooth and regular combustion
• All mechanical components are mounted on a plate which can be quickly taken off for maintenance
• The head is adjustable through a graduated screw
• The gas train can be mounted either on the right side or on the left side

cib-unigas-tecnopress gas burner


160 – 800 kW
300 – 1200 kW

• 230/400 V 3N AC
• Low NOx Class 2
• Suitable for either heating generators with high back pressure or suction in combustion chamber
• The combustion head “bell shape” is able to produce high performance flame
• For efficient combustion and good mixing between gas and air, the position of the combustion head can be modified backwards and forwards by means of a screw adjustment
• an adjustable cam driven by the modulating motor allows a smooth transition from low to high fire
• A circuit board with pre-wired plug connections, inside the control panel, ensures correct wiring

Light Oil Burners

cib lo burner gas burner

LO 280
LO 400
LO 550

115 – 310 kW
195 – 420 kW
200 – 560 kW

• 230V 1N AC
• Small and medium sized burners
• Nozzle holder designed to reduce air resistance
• Equipped with a stainless steel blast tube whose length is adjustable according to boiler requirements
• Universal pre-wired electrical plug connections avoid wiring mistakes
• Mechanical components are fitted onto a backing plate which can be moved and attached to special fixings within the burner
• A special combustion air intake maximises the air pressure
• The reduced thickness of the flange allows for exploitation of small spaces
• The position of the combustion head is adjustable by means of a graduated screw.

CIB-RG-91 gas burner

RG 91

1 047 – 2 093 kW

• 400V 3AC 50Hz
• Medium – large output burner
• Monobloc series made of a solid die-cast aluminium housing
• The oil pump works through a dedicated motor
• By-passing nozzle allows a modulating ratio of 1:3
• The light oil output can be adjusted through a pressure regulator which effects on the return pipe line

Dual Fuel Burners

CIB-E205A gas burner


320 – 2 050 kW

• 230/400V 3N AC
• Perfectly combine the mechanical devices and systems typical of gas burners with the ones of light oil burners
• Two flues burn separately
• Equipped with an independent electric motor for the activation of the oil pump
• High performance combustion head designed to achieve the maximum efficiency when they work on natural gas
• Combustion head is also equipped with a by-passing nozzle which, using a pressure regulator, can reach a turndown ratio 1:3
• Ordered to required specifications

CIB-unigas-HR91A gas burner


480 – 2 670 kW

• 230V 1N AC 50 Hz
• 400V 3 AC 50 Hz
• Medium to large burner
• Progressive and modulating operations available
• Separate circuit for the oil pump motor, means the oil pump motor does not run when the burner is working on natural gas
• High performance combustion head designed to achieve the max efficiency when working on natural gas
• Combustion head is also equipped with a by-passing nozzle which, using a pressure regulator, can reach a turndown ratio 1:3.
• Ordered to required specifications

Smart Gas Burner

cib-facile-smart gas burner-series


From 100 – 6 800 kW

• Low NOx Class 2 and Class 3 options
• The most advanced electronic burner available
• Equipped with sensors that constantly record and communicate information to the BMS control centre, which respond according to variations in the data
• For each change in environmental or system conditions, FACILE adjusts the fuel/air supply in order to main constant optimal combustion