Electric Boilers

Natural Gas, Diesel and LPG boilers require exhaust flues – complex and costly exercises, especially when a boiler plantroom is located in a basement or mid building location.

Electric boilers are 99% efficient compared to to the 70-80% efficiency of conventional gas, diesel and LPG boilers.  They eliminate carbon emissions, reduce initial costs, reduce the space needed and require minimal maintenance compare to conventional boilers.

Tubman Heating can source and supply Simons electric boilers.  See the catalogue below for specifications or give us a call today to find the heating needs you require.

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Simons electric boilers

The Simons SB electric steam boiler range covers from 2.7 kW – 450kW and conform to Australian Standard No. 1228.

For more information, download the Simons product brochures:

The Simons VHW series of electric boilers range in output from 3.6 – 480 kW.