Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers operate at 90-95% efficiency and reduce carbon emissions compared to conventional boilers at 70-80%. They capture condensate moisture from hot flue gases before it is expelled through a condensate drain and then recycle the heat it contains. This condensing process immensely reduces the temperature of the flue, carbon emissions and gas intake which saves you money and helps run your boiler at high efficiency.

Benefits of condensing boilers include:

• High thermal efficiency
• Environmental friendliness – lower carbon footprint
• Light weight and small dimensions
• Durability / reliability
• Low noise production
• Large regulating range


Unical Condensing Boilers

Unical, made in Italy, boasts over 50 registered patents and an R&D department that continuously experiments to bring us the latest in technological innovation. Tubman Heating offers Unical condensing boiler models that range from 50kW to 10, 000 kW.

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Product Name



Alkon 70 kW

  • Wall hung, room sealed, forced draught, pre-mixed, gas fired condensing boiler
  • Electronic ignition
  • For central heating
  • Multiple boiler installation (max 2 banks of 4 boilers for a total of 400 kW)
  • High seasonal efficiency – Low N0x Class 5


100 – 900kW

  • Compact floor standing forced draught, pre-mixed, gas fired, Low N0x, condensing boiler
  • Modulating burners
  • Containing preassembled thermal modules housed within a common enclosure
  • Deep sliding temperature operation
  • Suitable for natural gas or LPG

Italtherm Condensing Boilers

Italtherm designs and manufactures its products in Italy, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability to customers. The Time Power Series allows for various cascade configuration ranging from 95kW to 900kW. See below for configuration options.

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Product Name



Time Power

Single configuration

  • Mixer with pneumatic modulation up to 1:10
  • Wall hung, floor mounted or outdoor box options
  • Stainless steel combustion unit
  • Ready for cascade installations
  • Ready for operation with external tank
  • Low NOx emissions (class 5)

Time Power 70 

  • 63 kW power
  • Modulation  1:10

Time Power 115

  • 108 kW power
  • Modulation  1:10

Time Power 160

  • 150 kW power
  • Modulation  1:6

Time Power

2 Boilers

  • 95kW – 300kW, modulation up to 1:24
  • Wall hung, floor mounted and outdoor box

Time Power

3 Boilers

  • 143kW – 450kW, modulation up to 1:40
  • Wall hung, floor mounted and outdoor box

Time Power

4 Boilers

  • 190kW – 432kW, modulation up to 1:47
  • Wall hung, floor mounted and outdoor box

Time Power

5 Boilers

  • 666kW – 750kW, modulation up to 1:65
  • Wall hung only

Time Power

6 Boilers

  • 816kW – 900kW, modulation up to 1:78
  • Wall hung only