Health & Safety Compliance

Tubman Heating Limited provides our technical expertise in heating systems to our customers, along with a commitment to safety, quality and the environment. Our Health & Safety and Compliance Officer Kevin Prosser has an extensive background in Health and Safety, including seminars and courses to stay abreast with industry developments.

We must remember that the safest way is the most economic way in the long run. Taking shortcuts benefits no one, not the employee taking the risk or the employer. We must also ensure we don’t go overboard and stifle ourselves with unnecessary rules and equipment. All of our decisions must ultimately be based on risk.” – Kevin Prosser, Health, Safety & Compliance Officer


For  any health, safety and compliance queries please contact Kevin Prosser on

021 993 159
A portrait shot of Kevin Prosser, Tubman Heating Health, Safety & Compliance Officer
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Online Prequalification System

SiteWise is developed and powered by Site Safe as an online prequalification system that grades contractors’ health and safety stability. Tubman Heating Limited is proud to have achieved Gold Status. This means that our organisation has demonstrated that we have high quality health and safety systems in place and are listed on the SiteWise prequalification database.

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Quality Management

The ISO 9001:2015 is a quality management system based on the following principles:
Customer Focus
Engagement of People
Process Approach
Relationship Management
Improved decision making

Tubman Heating Limited has held ISO 9001 registration since 2002.

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5-Star Rated Health & Safety Management Systems

THL has achieved a 5-star rating in PREQUAL. Pre-qualification demonstrates that our health and safety management systems have been independently assessed for our ability to perform work safely when we install or maintain your heating systems.

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Job Safety Analysis

A Job Safety Analysis is a brief description of the steps taken to carryout a task, the hazards/risks present and the control measures to minimise the risk. JSA’s with environmental risk are called JSEA’s. The purpose of these documents is to ensure employees can work safely

A similar document is the Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) used in high risk construction activities.

JSA’s are normally done by staff on arrival at the customer / work site, while a SWM’s are normally submitted as part of Safety Plan and approval is given before commencing work.

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Regular Health & Safety Reviews

Health and Safety meetings bring together workers and management to develop and review health safety policies and procedures for the workplace. At THL these H & S meetings are held every 6 weeks, with our Auckland, Waikato and BOP meetings held separately to Wellington’s. Each meeting includes all employees other than those on leave or at an urgent task. No jobs are scheduled for the day the meeting is held.

The H & S meeting covers everything from monthly health and safety statistics, incidences which have occurred, new legislation and issues from staff. The meeting is fully documented and the minutes are not approved until done so by staff at the next meeting.

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Safety Planning - Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks are meetings held primarily by the workers to discuss the work to be done that particular day and to have an opportunity to discuss any new hazards or changes to the JSA.

THL requires a Toolbox Talk to take place at any task where there are two or more staff present. The Toolbox Talk must be documented.

“Toolbox talks help keep our team on the same page when working a job, especially if you have joined the job after it has started.” Earl G, Senior Service Technician


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Safety Training

THL provides ongoing training for our technicians to support them in doing their jobs safely and responsibly. Relevant employees are kept up-to-date on the following courses:

  • Site Safe
  • Supervisor Site Safe
  • Confined Spaces
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Working at Heights
  • First Aid

Health and Safety Training Series:

Part 1 – Noise

Part 2 – Incident Reporting

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Safety of Our Team Members is Top Priority

Employee safety is a top priority for THL. Due to the type of work carried out by our technicians it is important that our employees have first aid and emergency aid readily available for them. All our field staff are first aid trained, we have an AED on site in our Auckland Head Office and first aid kits and fire extinguishers are in all technician’s vehicles, which are routinely checked and updated.

Our workshop’s and client sites are audited to test our systems, to ensure we are providing a safe working environment for all our employees.

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Sustainable Solutions & How We Work

Environmental issues are discussed at the H & S 6 weekly meeting. With an increased focus by the New Zealand Government on climate change and other environmental issues it is important for Tubman Heating Limited to address sustainability internally and for our customers.

Biomass boilers and pellet fuel is a viable option for many of our customers. While electric boilers aid larger factories in reducing their carbon footprint.

THL continues to provide alternative fuel and boiler options to our customers to lower the impact on our environment.

Tubman Heating Limited is a member of The Climate Control Companies Association of New Zealand 2022. 

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Our Company Policies

Company policies help guide the operations of THL while allowing clarity on the expectations of the business and it’s employees to our customers and the community.

Click on the policy to read more.
Pandemic Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Lone Worker Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Quality Policy
Environmental Policy
Domestic Violence Policy