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School Boilers

02 February 2017

How old Is your school boiler? 

The older your school is, the older your buildings, the more likely it is that you will have an older boiler providing heat for you. Boilers can be decades old and as with all things that are long lasting, they need maintenance. Without proper maintenance, boilers deteriorate, malfunction and eventually break down. 

When the last time maintenance was done on your school boiler? 2 years ago? 3 years ago? 5 years ago? School boilers need to receive maintenance annually and in our professional opinion they should be serviced twice a year. Boilers should be checked before they need to be used in winter, so autumn is the best time for this. They also need to be checked again after they have been operated for a lengthy period of time during winter, meaning spring is a great time for the second service of the year. Even when boilers are unused and cold they can still develop problems.  Proper maintenance minimises the risk of costly break downs and resulting inconvenience for your staff and students.

A breakdown in winter can affect the students' health by leaving the school cold, inviting sickness into the classroom. The older boilers are and the less maintenance they receive, the more energy they require to operate. 

We would like to share with you an experience we had with Otahuhu Primary School where the school tried to convert an old coal boiler to a gas boiler, which was not and cost effective result for the school.

Coal-fired boilers provide challenges around cost, emissions, storage and Health & Safety.  If you're keen to upgrade your boiler let's talk!  If you are connected to the natural gas network, or can easily be connected, we recommend a natural gas fired boiler; if a gas connection is unavailable LPG is the next best option, or diesel. Gas, in our experience, is the most attractive; it’s clean, tidy and cost effective. For small to medium schools, boilers can be wall-hung; for larger schools, floor-mounted boilers may be needed.

We work with schools all over the top half of the North Island and have excellent working relationships with them. Our dedicated staff work hard to make sure the right make and model of boiler is recommended, and will help to tailor a service plan to suit your needs. 

If you need some assistance or advice on maintaining or replacing your boiler contact Geoff Glanville to discuss your options. His contact details are:

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Contact us on +64 9 444 5076 or email us to discuss your requirements