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Tubman Heating is an essential business & we'll be available during the Covid-19 lockdown

25 March 2020

A message from the board of Directors

24th March 2020

Dear Customer,

We are still operational and will remain so during the country’s lock-down.  Our primary role is to look after the needs of essential businesses, to help the country stay safe during the lock-down.

Our entire business is Cloud-based.  This means that our office staff can all work at home now that the virus alert level is at Level 4, with no disruption to our operations.  We can answer the phone, manage emails, dispatch job bookings and process debtors and creditors invoices remotely. Field staff are connected to the back office via smart phones.  Yes, business as usual!

Our Service Team can work effectively from home as well.  There is little need in an emergency for them to visit our workshop and offices other than to collect specialist parts held on site.  They can service your equipment either alone or, where more than one set of hands is required, with their colleagues, following strict hygiene procedures.  

The Tubman Heating Projects Team, which manages repairs and installations of heating systems, may need to collaborate at our workshop when we are fabricating components or on customer sites when tasks dictate but they will mostly work from home.  Again, strict hygiene rules will be followed.

Our vehicles are all tracked.  We know where team members are and what they are doing at any given time.  This is important from both a health and safety perspective and for efficient deployment of resources.

Sign-in and sign-out procedures at your premises will have to change.  We will discourage staff from using public keyboards and ‘sign-in’ documents and encourage text messages to customers when staff arrive or depart from your premises or spoken sign-in recorded by your staff.  We are happy to consider adopting whatever non-contact processes you might have in place and we will be demanding strict adherence to the recommended human physical separation of 2 metres minimum.

In all cases we will follow government hygiene guidelines.  There will be no handshakes or ‘high fives’ and no requests to use your lunchrooms.  We will wipe-down all surfaces on equipment we have been in contact with. We ask that you have appropriate measures in place to keep our people safe whilst they are on your sites.

We are social creatures and so we’ll miss the opportunity to meet each other in a more customary fashion, but for now the ‘arm’s length’ approach seems prudent.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please contact me if there is anything else you can think of that we should be considering.


Chris Callen

Managing Director

021 541 949


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Contact us on +64 9 444 5076 or email us to discuss your requirements