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Boilers - A Critical Process Component

05 December 2016

We thought you might be interested in reading this article written by Scott Lynch, CEO of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association. He recently published this piece on the importance of boilers as a process component for companies through the Power Engineering news site. Boilers are a critical component in places such as schools and hospitals, but can be easily forgotten about as many people don’t understand how necessary they are for the everyday operations of a facility. Tubman Heating Limited can help you find the right boiler and burner for your company to help keep operations ticking along smoothly.

Think about a hospital that isn't able to sterilise its medical equipment, the college campus with no hot water for their thousands of students or the food processing plant that cannot make steam and production comes to halt. These are all realities without fully operational boilers. In many cases, the boiler is thought of as that room in the basement that does what we need it to do.

So why is the boiler room "that room in the basement"? In many cases, the boiler room is not seen as a critical component of the business. A hospital is worried about saving lives, a college campus is investing in educating future leaders, and a food processing facility is focused on its product development.

Maintaining a Boiler

I hear all the time that lack of regular maintenance is a top reason for the break down and replacement of boilers. With proper care and maintenance, a boiler can run efficiently for years and years. But in many cases, the dollars to properly maintain a boiler room are not allocated and operators are not properly trained. Over time, the boiler goes into disrepair or in the worst cases, explodes, costing user significantly more dollars and possible health and safety issues.This risk far outweighs the cost of proper maintenance as down time can cost companies millions in lost productivity.

Upgrading a Boiler

In many cases, the boiler shell will outlast many of the component parts. With technological advances and ever changing environmental regulations, it is important to explore boiler upgrades on a regular basis. There are times when an upgrade can pay for itself in just a few years, maybe even months, with energy and fuel savings. There is also an opportunity to explore additional upgrades when going through a compliance review.

Purchasing a New Boiler

Whether a boiler needs to be purchased to replace on old unit or expansion is on the horizon, there are great opportunities to purchase the ideal boiler system for an end-user's needs.

An end-user may know best what it needs from a boiler, but a boiler manufacturer understands today's technology and how to create a boiler that offers the best value while addressing unique challenges. Collaboration is important early in the process to ensure high performance and cost-effective decision.

Large boilers for industrial, commercial and institutional use are not widgets, they are highly engineered, extremely customised complex systems. The design and build process does not take days, it takes months and boiler manufacturers investment significant time and resources to create each system. Purchasing the proper boiler and instituting a textbook maintenance schedule, will enable this investment to serve the needs of an end-user for decades to come.

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